We LOVE to produce Audiobook Demos ON-THE-HOUSE on up to five (5) pages from your published or unpublished novel or nonfiction book. We schedule Solo, Duet, and Dual Demos once a week, so the sooner you submit, the sooner we can get your project on our Demo Production Calendar.

And we think you’ll love to hear how your story sounds!

But don’t take our word for it.

Paul Smyth is our latest happy customer!

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1. A one-page or one-paragraph Synopsis of your book.
2. Up to five (5) pages from anywhere in your manuscript.
3. For novels: please provide a short (1-2 line) character description of any characters who appear in the sample pages.
4. Complete the contact fields (name, email) and hit SUBMIT.


*Terms and Conditions: We attempt to schedule new Audiobook Demo requests as soon as possible. Depending on the number of requests we receive, we will endeavor to turn around your Audiobook Demo within seven (7) days of receiving your request. The text must be an original work of your own. We have no knowledge to the contrary. You agree to hold harmless SCP Producer from any claims of infringement by third parties. Unless you later publish the book as an audiobook and/or provide us permission, we will never release, publish, post, or promote your sample recording anywhere. The Producers reserve the right to reject content received for any reason whatsoever.


If you prefer to send up to five (5) pages from your manuscript by email, please submit to: info@squeakycheeseproductions.com. Include your BOOK TITLE, your FIRST/LAST NAME, CONTACT INFO, and, if you have them, a one-page Synopsis and page of brief Character Descriptions in your email.