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Introducing the ‘Mini-Multicast™’:


Infuse your novel or nonfiction story with authentic characters and narrators through the power of radio theatre.

Why use one narrator to tell your story…when you can now afford three, four…even ten!

(But, for the Purists, we also produce Solo; Duet; Dual; and Dual-hybrid audiobooks, tapping an entire troupe of award-winning talent.)

MULTICAST (or Mini-Multicast™)

One Narrator but all the characters (fiction AND nonfiction) are played by 3, 4, 7, up to 10 actors). We call it ‘Mini-Multicast™’ since traditional Multicast projects (think an ‘Audible Original’ project) can boast 15-25 actors and command budgets that run into the six-figures (using real talent — not A.I.). We’ve developed a proprietary method for making Multicast…affordable.

And think about it: Why have one Narrator play all of your characters when multiple female and male thespians can bring your characters to life, sounding the way you intended them to sound?



One Narrator tells the story, but two narrators (usually a female and a male) play the characters.




Two Narrators/Two POVs. Each narrator plays the male and female characters in her/his chapter. 




Two Narrator/Two POVs. One narrator plays all the males in the other narrator’s chapter. One narrator plays all the females in the other narrator’s chapter.



What THEY are saying…

SCP Narrators Ralph Scott and Kendra Murray stirringly present these short mysteries. Stephen Bentley’s “The Rose Slayer” is set in L.A. Scott superbly introduces hard-boiled detectives whose conversation is realistic and entertaining as they close in on a disgruntled author. In Kelly Artieri’s “Red Solo Cup,” Murray and Scott demonstrate a wide emotional range portraying two couples on a Canadian boating trip. Listeners will be appalled as jealous Linda gets Maggie drunk, which leads to tragedy. “The Neighbors” is by English author Aly Locatelli. Elizabeth, portrayed by Murray, is an appealing mystery writer who is arrested when her neighbor–and lover–is found dead in her yard. Listeners will feel directly involved as narcissistic Harry, portrayed by Scott, and sarcastic police add further drama. These finely written, well-rendered stories offer superior listening.



Look what WE’VE done!

This is US!

Ralph Scott

The Big Cheese

An award-winning producer with a get-it-done (with a smile) attitude, Ralph Scott produces audiobooks, audio theatre, scripted entertainment, commercial spots, or pretty much anything within the live or recorded audio arena.

The characters Ralph creates on the spot (we lost count just north of 83) are only bested by the number of children’s verses he has written since he was handed a cocktail napkin on a dare back in 1993. (That would be just north of 1,700.) Give him three words and he’ll compose a witty poem for you in under five minutes.

Give him a studio and your manuscript and he’ll vibrantly breathe life into any character you craft.

Together with his roster of expert thespians, Ralph turns the studio into a theatre for the ear. Be sure to grab a chair the next time you download one of his audiobook productions. Dim the lights. And don’t forget the popcorn.

You’ll swear you’re in a movie.

The Charcuterie of Characters in our Talent Stable

We support humans over A.I. Audiobook Authors and Narrators: Feel free to use this logo on and the audio tag in all your projects that employ real human voices. Audiobook Fans: Starting 2022, consider supporting purchases of audiobooks that bear the label.

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