Kendra Murray

What if the girl next door got hold of a microphone? And nobody was around to hear her? Would there be a sound?

As it turns out, quite a few.

Kendra Murray, the voiceover actor who is never without an audience. Even if she comprises all of the voices in the room! In fact, you’d swear she was a lot of people. One after the other.

And that’s what she can do for your next project: become someone else. Become who you need her to be. Become almost anyone you want. On the spot.

Kendra Murray validates your commercial spot, your corporate announcement, or your dramatic character role with an authenticity that makes listeners trust her, which is really the heart of what every professional intends to achieve. Kendra does it well…and makes the session fun. Funny, too. Her clients think she’s the funniest event in the session, but very serious when the RECORD light illuminates.

At which point, Kendra illuminates the room.

Ralph Scott

An award-winning producer with a get-it-done (with a smile) attitude, Ralph Scott produces audiobooks, audio theatre, scripted entertainment commercial spots, or pretty much anything within the live or recorded audio arena.

The characters Ralph creates on the spot (we lost count just north of 83) are only bested by the number of children’s verses he has written since he was handed a cocktail napkin on a dare back in 1993. (That would be just north of 1,700.) Give him three words and he’ll compose a witty poem for you in under five minutes.

Give him a studio and your manuscript and he’ll vibrantly breathe life into any character you craft.

Together with co-narrator Kendra Murray, Ralph turns the studio into a theatre for the ear. Be sure to grab a chair the next time you download a Murray and Scott audiobook production. And dim the lights. And don’t forget the popcorn.

You’ll swear you’re in a movie.





The Studio


We use BLUEBIRD and SCARLETT CM-25 condensers along with a ZOOM R16 mixer and AUDIOBOX USB PreAmps.

We mix in AUDACITY and REAPER.

We output via Dropbox, WeTransfer, and through ACX.

And the people who make us sound so good…


Audio Engineer

Bob has been fixated on the squiggly lines
of audio waveforms for his entire life (so far). He’s discovered to his delight that working in the editing studio is pretty much the same during a pandemic as in regular times — and at no time do his fingers leave his hands.


Audio Engineer/Sound Recording

Talk about hands-on. If you’re a musician, a movie producer, or a corporate event coordinator, and you work in the Bay Area (and sometimes outside the Bay Area), you’ve probably heard of Gavin. He makes sure all those on-location Foley SFX, from wagon wheels to chirping birds, are so real, you’ll conclude the horses and canaries are union