File Under: ‘Out of the Mouths of Babes’

Dec 14, 2021 | Audiobook Narration | 0 comments

Last night in studio with my 10-year-old, while working on the audiobook, ‘The Rulebook for Daddyhood,’ by author (and Mark Twain spot-on impersonator) Robert Alvey, history repeated itself. The collection of anecdotes heartfully captures the Author’s younger days teaching, but more often learning from, his three adorable daughters: Alexa (10), Erin (6), and K.C. (4). In this excerpt, my co-narrator encounters the challenges inherent in capturing the scream of a four-year-old who has just awoken from a bad dream. The text: “DAAAAADDDDY! MOMMMMMMMMY! AARRRRRRRRGH!”

Later that night, I came across this anecdote featuring the original kids who played ‘The Peanuts’. Apparently, voicing ‘AARRRRRRRRRGH!’ has been a challenge for children immemorial. Oh, my 10-year-old’s name… Lucy.


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