Shoutout from SFWC!

Jun 5, 2022 | Audiobook Narration | 0 comments

Whoa. The SFWC, the crown jewel of West Coast writers conferences, which is slated for July 21-24 this year, just posted our blog entry.

Check out the link. 


Randy Peyser edits and ghostwrites books and gets people book deals with literary agents and publishers. Her clients have been featured on Hallmark TV and Daily Mail TV; in Oprah Magazine and TIME Magazine; on the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Lists; top picks by Publisher’s Weekly; optioned for Hollywood film; in airport bookstores; in FedEx/Office and Office Max stores, and more. Some have received 6-figure advances.
Randy delivers keynotes and talks on “How to Get a Book Deal with a Publisher.”
She is the author of Crappy to Happy as featured in the movie, Eat Pray Love; The Power of Miracle Thinking; and The Write-a-Book Program.